Interim Solution Specialist

Being a part of the program project management office handling interrim solutions between Saab Aerotech and the South African Air Force (SAAF). The focus being on the equipment and needs for keeping the Gripen aircraft operational.

ILS Training SAAF

Project management and coordination of courses and instructors relevant for Gripen operators for SAAF. The development of Gripen maintenance training which involved: Contract issues, quality assurance, training, safety planning and logistics coordination.

Subject Matter Expertise

Project management, supervision and assistance during the development of a Computer Based Training System (CBTS) for the Gripen aircraft to the SAAF. The CBTS comprised of ~350 hours of academic training for both technicians and pilots.

Anders in the rear seat of a Gripen 39D. Photo: Anders Engström

Subject Matter Expertise

Antech Consulting AB provided the instructor for the first six Gripen pilots in the SAAF. The training took place at Makhado Air Force Base (AFB).